43 European municipal police officers gathered in Nice for a European municipal police academy (PACTESUR2)

From May 13 to 15, the City of Nice welcomed 43 police officers and elected officials from 15 European cities (Madrid, Turin, Liège, Vilnius, Xabia, Riga, Gdansk, Tallinn, Bologna, Bratislava, Lisbon, Kordelio-Evosmos , Budapest, Brussels and Nice) to launch the first of the PACTESUR2 project police academies.

The opportunity for a rich sharing of know-how, numerous exchanges of good practices, but also to present them with innovative tools serving the urban security of the people of Nice.

The police officers present were also able to benefit from training in the Six C protocol of psychological first aid. This tool makes it possible to reduce the risk of developing post-traumatic syndrome.

At the end of these three days, the 15 delegations received a medal from the hands of Christian Estrosi who declared:

“On the eve of important deadlines, the best way to defend Europe is to do so with very concrete cooperation projects, women and men who work together, who move things forward, so that our fellow citizens can live in security. I therefore hope that these academies will be perpetuated and extended to other cities, and that is why a few weeks ago, I proposed the creation of a European network of municipal police within the European Forum for urban security. This network will aim to continue what we started as part of Pactesur 1, but it will also aim to unite us so that we can bring a new voice to Brussels. We will thus be able to contribute to changing certain legislation to give new prerogatives to municipal police, particularly in France. It is through this type of thing that we will move Europe forward. »