New tool in the making: “Ask for Angela” by city of Nice

In Icarus project, the city of Nice is now implementing the “Ask for Angela” tool in a pilot zone of the town center. This tool consists of a network of solidarity partners who undertake to welcome anyone in a situation of harassment or insecurity in the public space, regardless of their age, gender or condition, day and night. Thanks to the code “Où est Angela?” » and the logo displayed visibly by the partner establishments, people can request support and find a fallback solution or help, without judgement. This system aims to provide a fallback solution and help victims of sexist and sexual harassment in the public space.
When implementing the “Ask for Angela“ tool, the city of Nice had to face new issues as many storekeepers were reluctant to assists a 3-hour victim support training session. Brainstorming sessions were fruitless as a virtual or a paper-based training would not meet the objective of setting up a network of shops committed to reduce street harassment.
The city of Nice finally set up a shorter version of the training: a 90 minutes face-to-face session that will be experimented in real life the 22nd of June at 2:30 PM in the “Maison d’Accueil des Victimes” created by the city of Nice in 2015. This training will be provided by the Prevention Department of the city with the support of representatives from the Municipal Police. This will also be the opportunity to officially launch the “Ask for Angela” campaign in the city.