Preventing juvenile delinquency

The Turin tool

Sbocciamo Torino is a multi-stakeholder governance network designed to deliberate and co-produce interventions addressing juvenile delinquency issues in the city of Turin.

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The Problem

In what ways might we support collaborative decision-making in producing interventions to tackle youth delinquency issues and enable evidence-based intervention?

The Sbocciamo Torino tool is a multistakeholder governance network model that provides an evidence-based approach to co-produce interventions around juvenile delinquency issues.

It involves a committee of stakeholders working together to make evidence-based intervention suggestions, aided by a digital dashboard that visualises data relevant to the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

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Tool Components


A Committee

comprising members from public and private institutions and organisations that work on matters related to prevention of juvenile delinquency in Turin. This committee is integrated with a project manager from the city of Turin, a sociology researcher with expertise in Juvenile delinquency and a data scientist, as supporting members.


A dashboard

visualising data such as Demographics, school dropouts, surveys on youth aggression and conviction of young adult offenders and data on the previous interventions addressing youth delinquency that the stakeholders can provide to the committee.


A committee meeting to co-produce interventions on preventing juvenile delinquency

The meeting is aimed at decision making through data and visualisations


An extended committee meeting with the Municipal Council (councillors)

for presenting and discussing the interventions for implementation.


The Sbocciamo Torino documentation

  • Sbocciamo Torino Manual - Guiding the project manager in delivering the tool

  • Sbocciamo Torino Charter

  • Sbocciamo Torino Brochure - Providing overview of the tool, what it aims to achieve and contact details for further information

  • Sbocciamo Torino Presentation - Introducing and explaining the tool to the committee, new members and other public
  • 06

    Meeting templates

    to aid in the organisation and realisation of committee meetings.


    Training material and guidelines

    for Stakeholders to use the tool.


    Branding Merchandise

    Notebooks, pens, tote bags, reusable water bottles and bottle openers.

    This tool is for:

    The project manager

    Department of educational services - division for the right to study, service orientation, school inclusion, countering dropout

    Office of the guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of personal liberty

    Municipal office for Social services

    NGOs, Youth committees and associations

    Sociologist from University of Torino

    Data Scientist