Preventing radicalisation leading to violent extremism

The Stuttgart tool

The TRICK17 tool aims to increase awareness and critical thinking among young people to support resilience against radicalization. It is designed to nurture their interest in democratic values and inspire them to play a more active role in the city's social activities.

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The Problem

In what ways might we increase young people’s resilience in the face of radicalisation?

The TRICK17 tool aims at increasing awareness and critical thinking of young people to support resilience in the face of radicalisation. The tool is designed to support young people’s interest in democratic values and encourage them to take a more active role in the city’s social activities. The tool is a creative art-based approach organised in the form of a ‘mobile interactive workshop’.

The mobile interactive workshop will target young people between 13-21 as well as different local prevention organisations, a ‘magician’ will call a ‘volunteer’ on stage (who will actually be an actor) to “humiliate” him in front of the shocked audience, only to reveal in the end that they were both actors and that “things are not how they seem to be”. The workshop will take place in a different place every month.

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Tool Components


The 'Magic Wagon’

mobile stage of presenting the performance


TRICK17 script

the script for the show outlining what will be said by the magician and the team. The text of the script was developed by a professional magician and actors, with the support of the University of York and University of Salzburg on the content, and it has a demonstrative character


TRICK17 magic cards

Tarot-style cards that include a printed QR code


Internet Marketing

a map showing Trick17 current location and a calendar showing activities for youth being organised in the City, in addition to videos and photos of the Trick17 performances



a video documenting the TRICK17 performances, which will be published after completion of Tool demonstration on the tool’s instagram page and on IcARUS social media pages


TRICK17 manual

a guide for city authorities and different organisations on delivery of the Tool


Tool Brochure

an A4-size brochure presenting the Tool, outlining its objectives, the methodology and the theory of change

This tool is for:

Young people between 13 and 21 years of age

Representatives of communal prevention willing to use the Tool in their everyday work

City prevention departments

Civil society organisations providing social services

Youth workers