Designing and managing safe public spaces

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Spaanse Polder Café facilitates a collaborative and interactive approach to involve the local business and professional community in assuming responsibility for safety and security within the Spaanse Polder Business Park.

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The Problem

How can we encourage a more collaborative approach within the business park, especially considering the limited number of residents in the area?

The Spaanse Polder Café is a regular, interactive forum event held in the Spaanse Polder area. It provides an accessible platform for discussing various topics relevant to the area and can be hosted up to four times a year. The event includes a participative workshop activity based on the World Café concept.

Such a face-to-face meeting will provide a forum for participants to share concerns and feedback regarding safety and security in the area — including organised crime. The structure of the Spaanse Polder Café is designed to enable different levels of involvement from individuals and to increase this involvement over time — from individuals' first contact out of curiosity, to their active participation (e.g. sharing information, taking action, etc.).

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Tool Components


A manual guiding delivery of Spaanse Polder Café gatherings

guides the Programme Manager in delivering the Spaanse Polder Café initiative.


Identity and branding guidelines

including Spaanse Polder Café initiative logo and seasonal variations for different gatherings.


Marketing and communication campaign materials

  • Various poster designs for the Spaanse Polder Cafés over the year

  • Promotional flyer invitation

  • Visuals for the use on social media channels
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    Presentation materials

    Powerpoint (PPTX) slide templates


    Branded suggestion box

    for use by attendees of Spaanse Polder Cafés. Beer mats are placed on café tables to serve as suggestion slips.


    Paper Spaanse Polder Café table cloths on which attendees can write

    for use during the World Café workshop part of the gathering.

    This tool is for:

    The programme manager in delivering the Spaanse Polder Café

    Business owners and employees working in the Spaanse Polder

    Professional services with responsibilities in the Spaanse Polder area

    National and local police