Preventing juvenile delinquency

The Lisbon tool

Jovem Design Lisboa (JDL) offers a design-oriented approach to involve young people in community safety. It aims to enhance their self-worth and confidence, provide practical life skills, and improve their relationships with the police and local community.

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The Problem

How can we foster a positive relationship between police and young people to promote safety behaviours and reduce Antisocial Behaviour?

  • Engages the young people in identifying and developing solutions to problems in their local community/neighbourhood

  • Improves relationships between young people, their local community and police officers

  • Supports young people in gaining useful knowledge and life skills (particularly beneficial for those young people excluded from mainstream education)

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    Tool Components


    JDL Coordinator Manual

    guiding the JDL Coordinator in delivering the JDL programme


    JDL Youth Worker guide

    outlining the role and responsibilities of Youth Workers


    JDL Police Mentor guide

    outlining the role and responsibilities of Police Mentors


    JDL Launch presentation

    introducing the JDL programme to the young people


    JDL Team Workbook

    guiding the young people through the programme


    JDL Showcase Invitation / flyer

    publicising and inviting members of the community and local VIPs to the JDL final Showcase Event


    Judges' Pack template

    supporting members of the JDL Judging Panel at the Showcase Event in the process of judging the teams' work on the programme. It will include samples of the different other components


    JDL Showcase awards and certificates

    certificates awarded to all young people who complete the 12-week JDL programme, while the award is for the winning team

    This tool is for:

    The JDL coordinator

    Young people aged 11–19 years, recruited to be members of the JDL teams

    Lisbon Municipal Police

    Lisbon civil society and public sector organisations working with young people (including youth workers; youth centre managers; and organisers of youth programmes / services)