The contribution of the IcARUS project in re-thinking Urban Security in Europe

The IcARUS Project will dynamically participate in the 30th International Conference of Europeanists organised by the Council for European Studies in Lyon France on Radical Europe: Violence, Emancipation, and Reaction in July 2024.

This is a great opportunity for researchers to come together, as the IcARUS project aims to improve urban security in Europe by developing innovative tools for local authorities and practitioners to address four security challenges: radicalisation, juvenile delinquency, trafficking and organised crime, and public spaces issues.

To that end, a team of five IcARUS partners, EFUS, KEMEA, Riga, Erasmus University, and Stuttgart will participate in a dedicated panel where they will be discussing the contribution of IcARUS in addressing radicalisation and enhancing urban security at large.

Emphasis shall be placed on the use of the Design Thinking Methodology – which is central to the project – and the stages it involves: co-creation, testing, and validation of the produced tools with end-users and pertinent stakeholders.

IcARUS partners will raise awareness and foster dialogue on community policing issues and on cultivating stakeholder engagement. Pertinent to radicalisation, IcARUS panelists will provide insights on how to promote the participation and involvement of people in democratic processes, focusing on young Europeans who are most exposed to experiencing discrimination combined with low participation rates in sociopolitical life.

Stay tuned for the results of this very interesting conference!